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This is the Website for documentary producer Mitch Anderson, president of Deep Waters Films, a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational film corporation.

Production News

June 2011
China - The Road to Revival" the next project of Deep Waters films is entering pre-production.

May 2011
China's Century of Humiliation" DVD is released on  See the reviews at

March 2012
"China's Century of Humiliation" has been acquired for Television distribution by Breakthrough Entertainment of Toronto Canada.

February 2012
"China's Century of Humiliation" has been shown to Political Science majors at UCLA class. The Film screening concluded with a standing ovation.

September 2013
"The Men Who Lost China" has been completed and is distributed at

Finished Films: "The World without US"
The World Without US

What would happen should the United States leave the international scene, and become again a "normal nation", a republic, and not an empire? To find an answer to this question, director and producer Mitch Anderson embarked on an investigative trip on four continents. "The World Without US" is an in-depth investigation of how US foreign policy affects the lives of millions of people around the world. Watch the trailer

Completed in 2012: "China's Century of Humiliation" 

A Documentary about China's wars with the West during the nineteenth century. Now available on    See more.

A Documentary about how China failed in the transition from Dynastic rule to democracy. Now available on    See more.