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This is the Website for Producer Mitch Anderson of Anderson Productions in Buena Park CA. USA
The current project is a feature length documentary called "The World Without US". Synopsis: The United States today enjoys unrivaled and unprecedented power and influence. With a military budget equivalent to the next 14 other countries combined, one military analyst stated: "If the US would go to war with the rest of the world today, probably the US will win... Go to the film Website

Production News

January 2008
"The World Without US" has been acquired for Television distribution by Breakthrough Entertainment of Toronto Canada. Read more...

"The World Without US" DVD is released on starting January 2nd 2008. Buy DVD on

"The World Without US" is showcased for distribution at the NATPE Las Vegas Show.

"The World Without US" is mentioned by The Futurist magazine: "It had challenging questions, and it was still entertaining."

"The World Without US" is receiving numerous reviews on Read reviews

Finished Films: "The World without US"
The World Without US

What would happen should the United States leave the international scene, and become again a "normal nation", a republic, and not an empire? To find an answer to this question, director and producer Mitch Anderson embarked on an investigative trip on four continents. "The World Without US" is an in-depth investigation of how US foreign policy affects the lives of millions of people around the world. Watch the trailer

Just completed: "China's Century of Humiliation" 

A Documentary about China's wars with the West during the nineteenth century. Now available on Amazon.    See more.