Deep Waters Films Mission Statement

Today's world is more complex and interdependent than ever. Information travels at speeds incomprehensible only twenty years ago and knowledge is at anybody's fingertips. In fact, there is so much information that it is rarely relevant or meaningful.

Many times we receive facts without putting them in the context. The relevant historical background of an event and the future possible ramifications are rarely explained by the media unless they have possible shock value. Our attention span is severely reduced, and many of us after hours of watching can barely answer what have we seen.

My purpose is the making of in-depth documentaries about social and political current events. I try to put the viewers in the "driver's seat" and present them with the complexities of the decisions that shape our life today.

The sense of perspective is very important to me. The same event is perceived so differently all over the world based on our cultural and emotional formation. We often limit ourselves at a "pro and con" take, and we rarely understand how interconnected the human race is.
I believe that intercultural understanding is the only way to reduce human suffering and unite ourselves for a better future despite our differences.