Movie Trailer - "The World Without US"

This feature length documentary debates the implications and consequences of US military involvement in the world today.

So, what would happen should the United States leave the international scene, and become again a "normal nation", a republic, and not an empire?
To find an answer to this question, director and producer Mitch Anderson embarked on an investigative trip on four continents. "The World Without US" is an in-depth investigation of how US foreign policy affects the lives of millions of people around the world.
Future scenarios in the absence of the US intervention are well debated and substantiated by experts and ordinary citizens whose lives have been affected by the American presence in different regions.
The film's main expert is Niall Ferguson PHD. Niall is very well reputed in the documentary world, he has co-authored many docs at BBC and Chanel4 in the UK and he's the author of several volumes on world history. He contributes on regular basis on a number of Current Events magazines in the US and Europe.
"The World Without US" is conclusive, politically charged and opinionated, making for good drama while staying true to the facts and journalistic integrity.

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Short Synopsis- China's Century of Humiliation

A Documentary about China's interaction with the Western powers throughout the nineteenth century

From an isolated agricultural society, China has risen in the last 20 years to the rank of second largest economy in the world. During this time the Chinese leadership, has raised out of poverty 450 million people, roughly the equivalent of the entire population of South America. No government in history had accomplished such a feat in such a short time. While many tabloids cover the rise of China, little is remembered about the tumultuous interaction between China and the Western powers throughout the nineteenth century.

This documentary will explore the fundamental differences between the Western and Chinese culture from early beginnings. Part one will debate how Christianity and Confucianism were translated in political thought and social systems. Next, the film explores why the industrial revolution did not take place in China, despite its many inventions, but in Europe.
Part two explains the first economic and military encounters  between the British and Chinese Empires. Trade deficits, war threats and reprisals have marked the 19th century as one of the bloodiest and shameful in Chinese history.  Today, these past lessons can serve as an powerful insight for what the future might bring for China and the rest of the world.

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